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The tambourine

Texts of the Neapolitan songs

'A risa

Museca: Bernardo Cantalamessa,

Vierze: Bernardo Cantalamessa.

Anno: 1891

The laughter

Music: Bernardo Cantalamessa,

Lyrics: Bernardo Cantalamessa.

Year: 1891

Io tengo, 'a che sò nnato,
'Nu vizio gruosso assaje
Che 'un aggio perzo maje,
Va' trova lu ppecché!
M'è sempe piaciuto
De stare in allegria,
Io, la malincunia,
Nun saccio che rrobb'è!

De tutto rido e che nce pozzo fà?
Ah – ah – ah – ah!
Nun me ne 'mporta si stongo a sbaglià.
Ah – ah – ah – ah!

Io rido si uno chiagne,
Si stongo disperato,
Si nun aggio magnato,
Rido senza penzà.
Me pare che redenno,
Ogne turmiento passa.
Nce se recrea e spassa,
Cchiù allero se pò stà.

Sarrà difetto gruosso chistu ccà.
Ah – ah – ah – ah!
Ma 'o tengo e nun mm' 'o pozzo cchiù levà.
Ah – ah – ah – ah!

Lu nonno mio diceva
Ca tutte li ffacenne
Faceva isso redenno
E accussì i' voglio fà.
Chist'è 'o difetto mio,
Vuje mò già lu ssapite.
'Nzieme cu mme redite,
Ca bene ve farrà!

Redite e ghiammo, ja'!
Ah – ah – ah – ah!
Che bene ve farrà!
Ah – ah – ah – ah!

translated by Natalia Chernega

Since I was born
I have a big defect
Which I never tried to get rid of,
Guess why!
I always liked
Having fun,
The melancholy
I don't know what is it!

I laugh at everything and what can I do?
Ah – ah – ah – ah!
It doesn't matter to me if I make mistakes.
Ah – ah – ah – ah!

I laugh if another wants to cry,
If I'm despaired,
If I'm hungry,
I laugh without thinking.
It seems to me that with laughter
Any torment goes away.
If you amuse yourself and have a good time
You can feel better.

This is a big defect.
Ah – ah – ah – ah!
But I have it and I can't get rid of it.
Ah – ah – ah – ah!

My grandfather told me
That all his affairs
He did them laughing
And I want it that way too.
This is my defect,
Now you already know it.
Laugh with me,
It will make you feel so good!

Laugh, come on, come on!
Ah – ah – ah – ah!
It will make you feel so good!
Ah – ah – ah – ah!

translated by Natalia Chernega