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Texts of the Neapolitan songs

Santa Lucia

Museca: Teodoro Cottrau,

Vierze: gnoto.

Anno: 1849

Santa Lucia

Music: Teodoro Cottrau,

Lyrics: unknown.

Year: 1849

In 1849 Teodoro Cottrau composed the music for the ancient verse of the 18 century. But in the original Neapolitan language this song had no success, therefore Cottrau decided to translate the text to Italian.
The author of the Italian version of text is considered Enrico Cossovich but often the authorship is attributed to Teodoro Cottrau. So, the Italian text become the principal text of this song and "Santa Lucia" become the first Neapolitan song, translated to Italian.

Santa Lucia is an historic quarter of Naples on the seacoast.

Neapolitan version
MuroloRoberto Murolo
(1912 - 2003)

Comme se fricceca la luna chiena!
Lo mare ride, ll'aria è serena!
Vuje che facite 'mmiez'a la via?
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

'Sto viento frisco fa risciatare.
Chi vò spassarse jenno pe' mare
È pronta e lesta la varca mia!
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

La tenna è posta pe' fà 'na cena
E quanno stace la panza chiena,
Non c'è la minema melanconia!
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

Pozzo accostare la varca mia?
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

translated by Natalia Chernega

How is shining the full moon!
The sea is laughing, the air is clear!
What do you do in the middle of the street?
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

The fresh wind makes breathe.
For who wants to sweep across the sea,
My fast boat is ready!
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

The awning is tightened for a supper
And when your paunch is filled,
There's no melancholy!
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

Can I moor my boat*?
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia.

translated by Natalia Chernega

* It says: is there anyone who wants to sweep across the sea?